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Tapered Wooden Plugs

Tapered Wooden Plugs

Tapered timber plugs are used in mainly to plug the end of pipes, particularly water pipes. Until recently most of the plugs we had been making were for pipes that were 50mm in diameter and less; but following a request from one of our customers, we have gone larger .... much larger.

As you can see in the photos above and below, the plugs that we have made are much larger in diameter than 50mm, in fact the largest one of the 3 is 180mm in diameter.

Producing products of this size is quite a challenge, as many automatic wood turning lathes are not designed for turnings of this diameter, but luckily for us we have a lathe that can handle it.

These plugs can not be found in our online shop, as they are only made against order, but if you do have a plug that you would like made, please contact us so that we can do you a quote.