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Tie Back Stems For Curtains

Tie Back Stems For Curtains

Although most of the products we make relate to furniture, stairs and exterior structures; we do have a large range of other items that we manufacture for companies that aren't involved in these markets.

One such item is tie back stems for a curtain and blind manufacturing business. We have been making this design for them for over a decade, and it still continues to be as popular for them now as it was when we first started doing it.

We make the stem and front plate, onto which the customer will but a variety of different type of plant-ons, depending on what the customer wants.

Unfortunately this product is exclusively made for this customer, but we do have a small range of wooden curtain rings that are available for sale through our online shop.

Turned Tie Back Stem

Turned Timber Tie Back Stem

Tie Back Stem