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Timber Cabriole Legs in Jigsaw Stores

Timber Cabriole Legs in Jigsaw Stores

It is always nice when you see one of your products being put to good use. This was the case recently when I saw some display tables that were supported by some of our timber cabriole legs that I sell.

These tables were in a local Jigsaw shop; which is a chain store that sells women's clothing. I am not sure who made the tables, as we sell them to may different customers, but they certainly did a good job in how they finished them off.

The legs they used on the tall table are our 730mm French Provincial Cabriole Dining Table Legs, and on the short table they used our 228mm Cabriole Legs.

Both of these legs, as well as all of the other sizes that we sell are available for sale in our online shop.