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Timber Handrail For Hospitals

Timber Handrail For Hospitals

Sometimes doing the same thing can get a bit boring, so it is nice when you get a request from a customer to produce a product that leaves you scratching your head and asking yourself "how am I going to make this ?" This was the case recently when a customer wanted us to make a 40mm diameter handrail our of Victorian Ash.

Making timber handrails is a big part of our business, but this particular handrail was a challenge, as it had a special rebate that had to be put into the bottom of it so that it would neatly drop over a aluminium extrusion that formed part of a complicated crash rail and handrail setup for a hospital being built in regional WA.

The rebate was made more challenging by the fact that the timber on either side of it was at 2 different heights; but we were able to overcome this with some lateral thinking from one of our qualified machinists.

The end result came off our Weinig moulder exactly as required and was a perfect fit for the sample piece of aluminium extrusion that we had.