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Treated Timber Post Moulds For Verandah Posts

Treated Timber Post Moulds For Verandah Posts

Verandah posts look great on any traditional Australian home, but the addition of a post mould, can make them look even better.

For a number years we have had a range of post moulds made in polyurethane (hardened foam) for 90sq and 115sq posts; but due to circumstances out of our control, we were not able to source these anymore; and as a result we decided to re-produce the product in timber.

Using a special plastic dovetail connector we have been able to produce a finished post mould to suit a 90sq post and another to suit a 115sq post. The moulds are supplied fully assembled, and are designed to slide over the post during installation.

If you have a post that isn't close to 90 or 115sq, then you can also buy the timber moulding as a length for you to mitre-cut and fit around your exisiting post.

Treated Timber Post Mould

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