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Titebond - The Trusted Name in Wood Glues

Titebond - The Trusted Name in Wood Glues

It is one thing for a business to say that a product is good, but it is another thing to know that a product is good. In the case of Titebond wood glues, we know for a fact just how good they are, as we use them everyday of the week.

Here at Hammersmith's we have been using Titebond glues for well over 10 years to glue up timber for the purpose of manufacturing many of the various products that we make; including timber handrails, table legs and fence post capitals.

Depending on the type of timber that we are gluing up, this will decide the correct glue to use. For example if we are gluing up handrail from Victorian Ash we will use Titebond Supreme, but if producing the same product in Spotted Gum we will use Titebond Polyurethane.

To view the full range of Titebond Glues that we sell, take a look in our online shop. If you want some advice on which is the best glue for you, then please give us a call or send an email.