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Titebond Wood Glues For Australian Hardwoods

Titebond Wood Glues For Australian Hardwoods

Australian hardwoods like Spotted Gum, Blackbutt and Sydney Blue Gum look fantastic, and are currently very popular being used for timber flooring.

Obviously if you are having a staircase built or needing a piece of furniture made; it is desirable to make it from the same timber as you are using on the floor. The issue with this, is that these timbers are not available in large sections, which means that you will need to glue together pieces to make up the final size you require; which in itself presents a problem, as the characteristics that make these timber popular are the same ones that also make it difficult to glue.

Titebond has a solution for this with its Polyurethane wood glue. This glue works perfectly to penetrate the surface of these extremely hard timbers to create a strong bond.

As you can see in the photos below, when it sets-off, the excess forms a foam-like compound that can easily be scraped or sanded off.

We used this glue when we had to manufacture 120x120 newel posts in Sydney Blue Gum late last year. The way these posts turned out can be seen in the 3rd photo below.

This glue as well as other Titebond Wood Glues can be found in our online shop.

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