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Titebond Supreme Glue For Manufacturers

Titebond Supreme Glue For Manufacturers

Late last year we added a large range of Titebond Wood Glues to our online shop.

The reason we started selling these glues, is because for the last 10 years we have been using them for our own production needs, and have been very impressed with the results.

The main product that we have been using during this time is Titebond Supreme Glue. We use this to laminate up Pine as well as Vic Ash. We like using it, because apart from the fact that it works well with our 2 most commonly used timber, but it also can work in colder temperatures than some other similar glues available.

The photos below show it being used in our glue applicator to laminate up Vic Ash for use as handrail.

As it is designed for large scale use, it is only available in a 19 litre drum. For more info, have a look in our online shop.

Titebond Supreme Wood Glue

Titebond Supreme Wood Adhesives

Titebond Wood Glue