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Treated Pyramid Post Caps On Display

Treated Pyramid Post Caps On Display

A couple of years back a timber retailer in QLD found us over the internet and expressed an interest in using our range of pyramid fence post caps. As well as the standard sizes that we make; 90 x 90mm, 100 x 100mm, 115 x 115mm and 135 x 135mm; they also were keen on getting us to make some special sizes to suit the various sized timber posts that they sold.

After some discussion we ended up making 4 more sized caps; bringing the total number of sizes to 8; the biggest of which will go over a 200 x 200mm post, now that is big !

To help promote the caps, they built the display shown in the pictures above and below, and as a result has seen an increase in their sales of caps from us.

These caps, as well as some of our other more traditional turned styles can be found in our online shop.

Treated Pyramid Fence Post Caps