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COVID-19 Update (Aug 2020) : We are located in Adelaide, South Australia.
Orders are still being shipped to all parts of Australia (including Melbourne), but there may
be slight delivery delays due to restrictions that transport companies are currently dealing with.

Treated Timber Eave Brackets

Treated Timber Eave Brackets

Last year we added 2 specially designed eave brackets to our range of treated timber brackets.

As eave brackets are not commonly seen on Adelaide homes we had never felt the need to manufacture them, but with our online shop drawing on sales from all over Australia, we decided that it might be worth adding them to our product range, as they are used extensively on homes built in other states of Australia.

Both brackets are made from treated pine and are slightly thicker than our other brackets, measuring 42mm. They are designed in such a way that they can be trimmed both vertically and horizontally from their current size of 270 x 190mm to suit different sized eaves on homes.

Both designs are in stock and available for purchase now from our online shop.

Treated Eave Brackets

Timber Eave Brackets