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COVID-19 (Oct 2020) : Orders are still being sent to all parts of Australia (including Melbourne), but there may
be delivery delays due to restrictions that freight companies are currently dealing with.

Turned Billiard Table Legs

Turned Billiard Table Legs

Over the years we have manufactured a lot of turned timber legs for dining tables. Some of these legs have also been used for Billiard tables, but the size is not 100% suitable. Recently we had a customer ask if we could make a Billiard table leg for them.

They wanted something a bit different to the standard turned table legs that we make, so we had a look through the list of products that we have made in the past and that we still had tooling for; and were able to come up with a design that suited the customer.

Manufactured from 145sq Radiata Pine, this leg should look great on a finished Billiard table.

If you have a leg that needs to be custom made, then depending on the volumes, we may be able to do it for you.

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