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Turned Porch Posts in Treated Pine

Turned Porch Posts in Treated Pine

For at least the last 25 years we have been manufacturing a range of turned timber porch posts. Many of our customers have asked us how we produce such a large turning that has not changed over this long period of time. The answer is that we produce them on a specially built lathe. Words can't quite do the process justice, so we thought we might share a video with you on how it is done.

As you can see in the video below as well as the photos, we use a special hollow chuck that clamps the timber so that the maximum turning capacity of the lathe can be utilized. This allows us to position nearly 1500mm of turning anywhere on the post. It also allows us to do longer posts (with the same length of turning), as the extra material will hang out the ends.

All of the various design and sizes that we stock can be found in our online shop.