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Turned Timber Baluster For A Grand Staircase

Turned Timber Baluster For A Grand Staircase

Hammersmiths have been manufacturing turned timber balusters since the 1980's. Durning this time we have produced 100's of different designs in a large array of different timbers. Although not as popular as they use to be, we do still get a demand for large job lots.

This was the case recently when Aaron of Rimlar Staircases in Melbourne asked if we could supply him with a couple of hundred Pine Tasman turned balusters for a staircase he was about to install. I told him at the time that it must have been a pretty big staircase to have that many balusters; to which he replied that it was, and he would send me some photos when it was done.

As you can see by the photos, it was not not just big, it was huge. It would be interesting to know what the size of the room to house a staircase this big.

The turned balusters used on this job can be found on our online shop.