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Turned Wooden Columns in 68x68 and 90x90 Pine

Turned Wooden Columns in 68x68 and 90x90 Pine

It is surprising what you learn when you listen to your customers ! This in itself might seem like a surprising statement, but if you take the time to listen what customers ask for, then you might just come up with a product that sells. This was the case with the 90x90 and 68x68 turned wooden columns that we started making a few year back.

For a number of years I would get requests from customers for a longer turning than the standard 735mm that we had always done for dining table legs. I would also get a request for a turning that had an un-turned square section on both ends.

After a bit of work I came up with both a turned and fluted design, both of which were 900mm in length and available in either 68x68sq or 90x90sq Pine.

The fluted design has sold steadily, but it has been the turned design, in particular the 90x90sq version that has walked off the shelves.

For more information on these designs, have a look here in our online shop.

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