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COVID-19 Update (Aug 2020) : We are located in Adelaide, South Australia.
Orders are still being shipped to all parts of Australia (including Melbourne), but there may
be slight delivery delays due to restrictions that transport companies are currently dealing with.

We Can Dress Your Timber

We Can Dress Your Timber

At Hammersmith's we have 2 timber moulders that we use to make our handrail on, as well as timber mouldings and dressing timber for our own production needs.

These 2 machines are not always in use, so we are happy to dress other peoples timber, for a fee of course !

As you can see in the photos below, this was a pack of Pine that we received from a local timber merchant. They asked if we could dress it to 140 x 45.

If you have some timber that you need dressed, please contact us. The only timber we won't do is treated or recycled.

Dressed Wood

Hammersmith Dressed Timber

Dressing Timber