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Wire Balustrade Cable Now in 100 Metre Reels

Wire Balustrade Cable Now in 100 Metre Reels

When we first started selling stainless steel wire cable we sold it in either a 305 metre reel or per metre. We are pleased to announce that we are now selling it in 100 metre reels also.

This is the case for the 3.2mm wire cable in both a 1x19 and 7x7 configuration; but at this stage is not the case for the 4.0mm thickness.

By selling complete reels it allows us to pack orders quicker, as it is quite time consuming to prepare a custom length order, which is one of the reasons why the per metre price has been increased recently.

For more info on these new reel sizes as well as all of the other stainless fittings that we sell, please take a chance to have a look at our online shop.

Stainless Steel Wire Balustrading Rope