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Wooden Calligraphy Pens

Wooden Calligraphy Pens

Many years back we were approached by a customer who had a massive amount of calligraphy nibs that he had acquired, that he felt that if he could add a wooden handle to, then he would be able to sell them as souvenirs at historical tourist locations around Australia. The issue was finding someone who could make the handles at a price that would make the finished product attractive. Lucky for him that he came and contacted us, as we had the perfect machine to produce them on.

Using a special woodturning lathe that was specifically designed to produce small wood turned articles via the use of a grinding wheel and water, we were able to produce the handle of the pen in a very quick time and a smooth clean finish.

The tooling investment for this machine is quite large, but when he told us the number of nibs that he had acquired, we knew that this was a job that we could make some money on over not just a few years, but a few decades !

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