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Wooden Curtain Rod Rings

Wooden Curtain Rod Rings

We’ve been manufacturing curtain rings since the 1960's, with the demand for them waxing and waning as styles have come in and out of fashion, and cheaper imported alternatives have been introduced to the market. Still, our curtain rings have remained a permanent fixture in our store thanks to demand from our customers for Australian made products.

Our rings use to be made from Radiata Pine, but we have now started making them our of European Beech as it gives a better finish. Like all of our timber products, these rings are manufactured at our factory in Brompton, South Australia. Our wooden curtain rings have been a staple in homes all over Australia since the 1960's, and are unrivaled in quality. 

The process of making a curtain ring is a fascinating one. If you’ve ever wondered how these rings are manufactured, look no further! This machine is almost as old as time itself, but is still running rings around the competition.

Our entire range of curtain rings are available online or in store, with the most popular being our 65mm rings.