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Wyatt Groth
Managing Director - Joined in 1995
Wyatt is the 3rd generation in this long running family business. Started working in the business part time whilst doing a degree in Commerce, but forgot to look for another job.

Michelle Groth
Accounts / Payroll - Joined in 2010
Michelle has had a number of different roles within the business, but now is in charge of the money going in and out of the company, which is a bit of a worry if you saw her collection of shoes and handbags.

Steve Lee
Sales / Purchasing - Joined in 2017
After moonlighting for 20 years as Murray from The Wiggles; Steve finally landed his dream job in 2017 joining the company in a sales role. Sadly his guitar didn't come with him.

Madie Wray
Sales / Web Administrator - Joined in 2018
Despite the best efforts of the SA government making it hard for anyone to get a job who had to deal with the 2017 TAFE debacle; Madie rose above the drama to land a role with the company in an area that she actually studied in.

Hunter the Miniature Dachshund
Head of Security - Joined in 2017
A bit of a slacker, as he only attends work one day a week. If you happen to swing by on the day he is in, be wary as he is well trained in the fine art of getting a tummy rub.

Office and Factory Address
Hammersmith Woodturners Pty Ltd
49 Hocking St
Brompton  South Australia  5007

Phone and Email Details
Phone08 8346 8211

Opening Hours
Monday to Thursday : 7am to 4pm
Friday : 7am to 12 noon
Saturday and Sunday : Closed

For your reference, our ABN is 14 007 670 528