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Videos are a great way of explaining in more depth how a product works

Below is a selection of some of our most viewed videos from the Hammersmith DIY YouTube channel.  The best way to keep up to date with us and our videos would be to subscribe to our channel; this way you will be notified whenever we post a new video.

Video 017 (Added 5/6/18) : Turning timber lounge legs on Genini auto back-knife lathe.



Video 016 (Added 5/6/18) : Turning timber curtain rings on a ERHA auto ring lathe.


Video 015 (Added 23/9/17) : How to build a coffee table using galvanised pipe fittings.



Video 014 (Added 23/9/17) : Learn about galvanised pipe fittings.



Video 013 (Added 19/9/17) : Learn about the difference between 1x19, 7x7 and 7x19 stainless wire cable for balustrade.



Video 012 (Added 19/9/17) : How to use a rivet nut inserter tool for stainless wire balustrade.



Video 011 (Added 19/9/17) : How to use a hand swage tool to crimp ferrules on wire balustrade.



Video 010 (Added 19/9/17) : How to use a hydraulic swage tool to crimp stainless wire balustrade fittings.



Video 009 (Added 16/8/17) : How to round off the top of a fence post before adding a post capital.



Video 008 (Added 15/8/17) : How to maintain our treated timber products.



Video 007 (Added 14/8/17) : How to install fence post capitals.



Video 006 (Added 12/5/17) : Producing a turned timber baluster.



Video 005 (Added 5/12/16) : Manufacturing 66mm thick American Oak stair treads.


Video 004 (Added 10/11/16) : Manufacturing 50mm round dowel on our Weinig moulder.


Video 003 (Added 8/11/16) : Turning a 112x112mm verandah post on a rotary knife lathe


Video 002 (Added 31/10/16) : Producing a square tapered leg on a Mattison rotary knife lathe


Video 001 (Added 12/10/16) : Turning a coffee table leg on a Mattison rotary knife lathe.