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Curved Plate For IF500XSC Handrail Brackets Satin Finish

Curved Plate For IF500XSC Handrail Brackets
Curved Plate For IF500XSC Handrail Brackets_1Curved Plate For IF500XSC Handrail Brackets_2Curved Plate For IF500XSC Handrail Brackets_3Curved Plate For IF500XSC Handrail Brackets_4
IF502XSC Material:  Satin Finish
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Where would you normally use it ?
When needing to use a fully round handrail with the IF500 75mm HD Handrail Bracket.
The standard version of the IF500 comes with a flat top plate, but this curved plate can be substituted for the flat plate.

Which handrails that we sell work with it ?
Any fully round handrail between 40mm and 60mm diameter.

How does it fix to the bracket ?
The same way the flat plate does, with a threaded screw that is supplied with the IF500 bracket.