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Designer Handrail - 43mm diam - 35 deg Bend (Satin) Satin 316 Stainless

Designer Handrail - 43mm diam - 35 deg Bend (Satin)
Designer Handrail - 43mm diam - 35 deg Bend (Satin)_1Designer Handrail - 43mm diam - 35 deg Bend (Satin)_2Designer Handrail - 43mm diam - 35 deg Bend (Satin)_3
JH080XSSS Material:  Satin 316 Stainless
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Where would you normally use this stainless steel handrail fitting ?
As part of the Designer Rail handrail on a staircase when needing to change from the horizontal plane to a 35 degree incline or vice versa (most stairs are pitched at 35 to 37 degrees).when needing to turn a 45 degree corner.

What is it made out of ?
316 grade Stainless Steel in a Satin finish.

What are the important dimensions ?
The outside diameter is 43mm, which is the same as the diameter of the handrail.

Can it be used for exterior application ?
As it is 316 grade Stainless Steel, it is more than suitable for use outside.

How do you fix it to the handrail ?
Using either the Designer Rail drilling jig or going free-hand, attach the Designer Rail plastic connector to the end of the handrail and then fit the end cap onto it with a small amount of suitable adhesive.
NOTE : This product is NOT supplied with the plastic connector used to join the fitting to the end of the timber handrail. This must be ordered separately.
2 plastic connectors are required for this fitting.

*** IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ *** Click this link to view the connector required.

Please Read Before Ordering : To join this fitting to the 43mm handrail, you will need to order the IF131 Designer Rail Plastic Connector. Two of these connectors is required for this fitting. Click this link to view the connector required.