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Ezirail 50 Drilling Jig (For Domestic Use)
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SKU: IF147X-50

Ezirail 50 Drilling Jig (For Domestic Use)

If you have a small EZIRAIL job that has a few bends and corners that need to be connected to the straight rail then this jig makes the job easy.
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Where would you normally use it ?
To drill the ends of the 50mm EZIRAIL straight rail when a bend or end cap needs to be added.

Why does it say in the description that it is "For Domestic Use" ?
If you have a job where you only needs to do a few holes (such as a handrail in a house), then this is the drilling jig you would use, as the drill and the timber sleeve have been designed specifically with limited use in mind.

If you have a job where you needs to drill the end of the rail 10's or even 100's of times (such as in a hospital or aged care facility), then the IF121X-50 Ezirail Drilling Jig (For Commercial Use) would be a better choice.

What do I get ?
1. A timber jig suitable for 50mmm EZIRAIL (either full round or with a flat).
2. A domestic quality 16mm drill bit