• Ezirail 50mm diameter Handrails (Vic Ash) [Victorian Ash]

    Ezirail 50mm diameter Handrails (Vic Ash)
    Ezirail 50mm diameter Handrails (Vic Ash)Ezirail 50mm diameter Handrails (Vic Ash)
    JH099T Material:  Victorian Ash

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    Where would you normally use timber handrails ?
    As a handrail, either attached to the wall or as part of the balustrade on a staircase.

    What is it made out of ?
    Plantation grown Victorian Ash (aka Tas Oak or Australian Oak).
    Although the photo doesn't show it, the rail is actually made up of 2 pieces of timber that have been laminated together.
    The reason why this is done is because Victorian Ash is not available in sizes greater than 50mm.
    For us to finish 50mm in diameter we need to start with material that is 4 to 5mm thicker, which means that the only way we can achieve that is to glue 2 pieces together.
    The glues we use are suitable for interior application only. If you wish to use a round handrail for exterior application, then we suggest you go with our 43mm Designer Rail.
    The grade of timber that we use is referred to as SELECT, and is the highest quality available.
    It is predominantly clear and free of defects, but a small amount of gum vein, tight knots and black specks are acceptable within the SELECT grading rules.

    What are the important dimensions ?
    Overall : 50mm Diameter x Various Lengths
    Maximum length available is approximately 4.5 metres (subject to availability).

    How should you finish it ?
    If looking for a natural finish, then a clear lacquer will be fine; or you can use a stain to achieve your desired colour then use a clear lacquer to finish it off.
    Speak to your local paint retailer for more info.
    PLEASE NOTE : When ordering the handrail, add up the total number of metres you require then round it up to the nearest metre and use this figure as the quantity to order.
    When finalising the order you have the opportunity to add any special instructions, which you can use to record the specific lengths you are looking for.

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