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Designer Rail - 43mm diam - Domed End Cap (Spotted Gum)
Designer Rail - 43mm diam - Domed End Cap (Spotted Gum)_1Designer Rail - 43mm diam - Domed End Cap (Spotted Gum)_2Designer Rail - 43mm diam - Domed End Cap (Spotted Gum)_3

Designer Rail - 43mm diam - Domed End Cap (Spotted Gum)

When used in conjunction with the Designer timber handrail; the domed end cap in Spotted Gum is a great way of finishing off the end of a 43mm handrail.
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SKU: JH086N Material:  Spotted Gum
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Where would you normally use a timber handrail fitting ?
As a decorative way of finishing the end of a handrail.

What is it made out of ?
Sustainably sourced Australian Spotted Gum.

What are the important dimensions ?
Overall : 43mm Diameter half ball with a 16mm diameter dowel for fixing purposes.

How do you fix it to the handrail ?
Drill the end of the handrail (with a 16mm drill bit), then using a 16mm multi groove dowel, glue the rail to the pre-drilled bend. A small amount of sanding will be required to blend where they join.

How should you finish it ?
If looking for a natural finish, then a clear lacquer will be fine; or you can use a stain to achieve your desired colour then use a clear lacquer to finish it off.
Speak to your local paint retailer for more info.