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50mm diameter Adjustable Glass Standoff - Satin
50mm diameter Adjustable Glass Standoff - Satin_150mm diameter Adjustable Glass Standoff - Satin_250mm diameter Adjustable Glass Standoff - Satin_3
SKU: SSG100-S6

50mm diameter Adjustable Glass Standoff - Satin

Fix glass balustrade panels to a wall using the 50mm diameter adjustable glass standoff in a satin finish with an M12 fixing thread. The adjustable back helps to more easily align the the glass panel.
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SKU: SSG100-S6 Material:  Satin 316 Stainless
We are located in Adelaide. Our only retail outlet is in Adelaide.


Where would you normally use a stainless steel glass standoffs ?
On a wall or end of a stair tread where glass balustrade is required.
It can be adjusted to suit glass from 12mm thick and under.

What is the benefits of it being adjustable ?
The distance that the glass sits off of the wall can be easily adjusted from between 25 and 43mm.
This is extremelly beneficial when needing to create a straight line of glass balustrading; as most walls will never be 100% straight. By having the adjustment within the standoff, you can more easily correct any imperfections in the surface you are fitting it to.

What is it made out of ?
316 Stainless Steel in a Satin Finish.

What are the important dimensions ?
Click on the CAD drawing for all the important dimensions.
The size of the hole in the glass should be at least 20mm in diameter.
The thread size in the rear of the fitting is 12mm (M12).

Can it be used for exterior application ?
As it is 316 grade Stainless Steel, it is more than suitable for use outside.

What fasteners are supplied ?
No fasteners (such as standoff thread rods, or lag screws) are provided, these will need to be purchased separately.


Please Read Before Ordering : Fasteners for this product are sold seperately and will need to be added to the cart at the time of time of order. For fixing the product to a timber surface, the 160mm lag screw (SSG157-6) can be used. For fixing to any surface other than timber, the 120mm standoff thread rod (SSG154-6) can be used. This item is not compatible with the 115mm lag screw (SSG158-6)