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Cutting Charge for Stainless Steel Tube (Price per Cut)
Cutting Charge for Stainless Steel Tube (Price per Cut)_1

Cutting Charge for Stainless Steel Tube (Price per Cut)

If you need your stainless steel tube cut to a desired length then we can accurately and cleanly cut your tube for you using the currect type of metal cutting saw so as not to burn the stainless steel.
$11.00 per CUT Inc GST
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We are located in Adelaide. Our only retail outlet is in Adelaide.


When ordering stainless steel tube in either full or half lengths, you can request for the tube to be cut to a particular length.

We are happy to provide this service for you at a rate of $9.90 per cut. For this price we will cut the tube on a self lubricating saw (which means the stainless won't burn when being cut) and then lightly finish the edge on a grinder to take off the sharpness.

As an example; if you wanted a 3 metre length of tube cut to 2.35 metres (plus the offcut), you would add 1 cut charge to your shopping cart; if you wanted it cut to 3 pieces at 0.95 metres (plus offcut). you would add 3 cut charges to your shopping cart.