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Flat Bar Intermediate Post - 960mm x 11 Drill Holes - Satin
Flat Bar Intermediate Post - 960mm x 11 Drill Holes - Satin_1Flat Bar Intermediate Post - 960mm x 11 Drill Holes - Satin_2
SKU: SSP091-S6

Flat Bar Intermediate Post - 960mm x 11 Drill Holes - Satin

This 960mm tall 316 stainless steel intermediate post in a satin finish comes pre-drilled with 11 holes spaced 80mm apart so as to comply with Australian Standards for wire cable balustrade.
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SKU: SSP091-S6 Material:  Satin 316 Stainless
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Where would you normally use an intermediate stainless steel post ?
To structurally support a wire cable balustrade on a deck or balcony.
On a wire balustrade, you need to have a support post approximately every 1.5 metres (when using 3.2mm wire cable).
The minimalist look of the intermediate post allows you to space your major posts every 3 metres, with the intermediate post going in-between.
The T plate at the top and bottom of the post is not able to be put on an angle, which means that this post can ONLY be used for flat (horizontal) balustrade.

What handrail can be used with this post ?
Balustrade must be 1m in height (measured from the deck to top of handrail). This post is 960mm, so the handrail must be flat and be a minimum of 40mm thick and 40mm wide. (The flat plate on the top and bottom comes pre-drilled and is 40mm wide and 50mm long.)

Does it come pre-drilled ?
Yes, there are 11 holes each of 7mm diameter. They are spaced 80mm apart so as to conform to regulations for wire cable balustrade.

What is it made out of ?
316 Stainless Steel in a Satin Finish.
The stainless steel is a solid bar (ie. not hollow in the middle).

What are the important dimensions ?
Overall Height : 960mm.
Wall Thickness : 5mm.
Width of post : 40mm
Diameter of holes : 7mm (11 holes spaced 80mm apart)

How should you fasten it to the ground/deck ?
Due to the large number of surfaces that the post could be fixed to, we do not supply any fasteners.
We suggest that you speak to a local hardware store for more info.

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