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Round Post (1.6mm) - Flat Balustrade - Plain - Mirror Mirror 316 Stainless

Round Post (1.6mm) - Flat Balustrade - Plain - Mirror
SSP001-M6 Material:  Mirror 316 Stainless
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Where would you normally use a stainless steel post ?
To structurally support a balustrade on a deck, balcony or staircase, in particular, wire cable or glass.

What is the difference between a post for Flat Balustrade and Angled Balustrade ?
The saddle used for the Flat Balustrade posts, does not pivot, whereas the ones used for the Angled Balustrade posts does pivot.
The Angled Balustrade posts can be used for horizontal and angled balustrade (ie. like on a staircase); whereas the Flat Balustrade posts can only be used for horizontal balustrade.

Which saddles go with this post ?
Any of the saddles that in the description say they are used for Flat Balustrade Posts. A screw is supplied to fix the saddle onto the top of the post.

Why are some posts 1.6mm and others are 3.0mm ?
This refers to the wall thickness of the post.
In most cases the 1.6mm wall thickness will be enough for use on corner, end and intermediate posts with glass balustrade.
For wire balsutrade, you may want to consider going with the heavier 3.0mm wall thickness; particularly in the case of a free standing end post or corner post where the correct legal tension required for the wire cable could cause the post to distort. For intermediate posts; the 1.6mm wall thichness is usually enough.

What is it made out of ?
316 Stainless Steel in a Mirror Polish Finish.

What are the important dimensions ?
Overall Height : 960mm, once one of the saddles has been added.
Wall Thickness : 1.6mm.
Diameter of post : 50.8mm
Diameter of base : 114mm (supplied with cover plate)

How should you fasten it to the ground/deck ?
Due to the large number of surfaces that the post could be fixed to, we do not supply any fasteners.
We suggest that you speak to a local hardware store for more info.
The heavy duty base plate is supplied with 3 grub screws that can be adjusted to aid in the levelling of the post.

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