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  • 90 degree Acute Bend for 50 Square Mirror Tube [Mirror 316 Stainless]

    90 degree Acute Bend for 50 Square Mirror Tube
    90 degree Acute Bend for 50 Square Mirror Tube90 degree Acute Bend for 50 Square Mirror Tube
    SSF114-M6 Material:  Mirror 316 Stainless
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    Where would you normally use this stainless steel handrail fitting ?
    As part of a stainless steel balustrade when needing to turn at 90 degrees.

    What is it made out of ?
    316 grade Stainless Steel in a Mirror finish.

    Can it be used for exterior application ?
    As it is 316 grade Stainless Steel with a Mirror finish, it is more than suitable for use outside.

    How do you fix it to the stainless steel tube ?
    For the DIY market you can either use a suitable glue (found on our online shop). For the professional fabricator, you can weld and polish to create a seamless finish.

    How should you finish it ?
    If you are happy with a Mirror finish, then the product does not need to be touched up in any way.
    If though you would like a Satin finish, try using our non-woven web pad that will allow you to fairly easily remove the current high polished finish that it has.