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15x15 Rubber Channel for 50.8 Round Slotted Tube
15x15 Rubber Channel for 50.8 Round Slotted Tube_1
SKU: SST009-3

15x15 Rubber Channel for 50.8 Round Slotted Tube

The 15x15 Rubber Channel fits into the slot of the 50.8mm round tube.
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SKU: SST009-3 Material:  Rubber
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Where would you normally use 15x15 Rubber Channel for slotted tube ?
With a stainless steel glass balustrade, the rubber channel fits into the slot in a slotted tube, so that the glass rests on the rubber rather than the stainless steel.

Which slotted tube does the 15x15 profile go with ?
SST005 - Single Slot 50.8mm Round Tube.
SST006 - Double Slot 50.8mm Round Tube.
SST007 - 90 degree Slot 50.8mm Round Tube.

How does the channel fit to the tube ?
A bead of silicone on the base of the slot before pressing the rubber channel into the slot, should be enough to create a nice bond.

PLEASE NOTE : 1 metre of rubber is more than enough for a 2.9 metre length of slotted tube, and about the right amount for a 5.8 metre length of slotted tube.
The reason why this is the case, is that the rubber is not designed to go along the whole length of the tube, rather it is designed to be cut into small pieces (of about 100mm/10cm) and spaced out at about 500mm/50cm increments.

Can it be used for exterior application ?
As it is UV resistant it is more than suitable to be used inside or outside.