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37 Degree Large Collar For Round Surface
37 Degree Large Collar For Round Surface_137 Degree Large Collar For Round Surface_237 Degree Large Collar For Round Surface_3
SKU: SSW088-6

37 Degree Large Collar For Round Surface

When needing to do angled wire balustrade on a staircase that has 50mm diameter round posts, the 37 degree large collar works in conjunction with the SSW072 Hex Head tensioner.
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SKU: SSW088-6 Material:  316 Stainless
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Where would you normally use this stainless steel wire cable fitting ?
This small 37 degree collar is used in conjunction with the Hex Head Tensioner (SSW072-6) when System 9 is required to be used on an angled balustrade such as a staircase.
Most stairs are pitched around 37 degrees, hence why this fitting is designed to suit that angle. This particular collar has a curved back to it, as it is designed to be used with posts that are round.
For more information, please click here to download a PDF that shows where this part would be used for wire cabling.

What is it made out of ?
316 Stainless Steel.

What are the important dimensions ?
Click on the detailed CAD drawing (above) for all the important dimensions.

Can it be used for exterior application ?
As it is 316 grade Stainless Steel it is more than suitable to be used inside or outside.