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Rivet Nut Inserter -

Rivet Nut Inserter
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IF124X Material:   -
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Where would you use a rivet nut tool ?
When doing wire cable balustrade or glass balustrade and you need to be able fix the glass clamps or wire fittings to the stainless steel posts.
Using a rivet nut (IF127X, IF138X or SSW064-6) is one of the best methods of creating a secure fixing. To be able to correctly secure the rivet nut into the post you will need to use this rivet nut tool.
The tool comes with right-hand thread M4, M5, M6, M8 and M10 mandrels. The IF127X rivet nut uses the M6 mandrel, and the SSW064-6 uses the M8 mandrel.
The left-hand thread rivet nut, IF138X, requires a left-hand M6 thread mandrel. This does NOT come with the unit, and need to be purchased separately from our online shop. The product code for this item is IF113X.
If you break an M6 right-hand thread mandrel, spare ones can be purchased separately from our online shop. The product code for this item is IF112X.

Operating instructions come with the tool, but you can also download them here.

If you have any questions, please contact us prior to ordering.