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Hand Swager with Cutter for System 3 and 4 -

Hand Swager with Cutter for System 3 and 4
IF134X Material:   -
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Where would you use a hand swager ?
When doing wire cable balustrade for System 3 and System 4, where you are using hand swaged fittings (those that are used in conjunction with a ferrule and thimble), you need to be able to fix the wire cable (3.2mm in the 7x7 or 7x19 configuration) so that it can be correctly tensioned.
Please be aware that this tool will NOT work with fittings that require a hydraulic swager, as these fittings need more pressure to grip the wire than is possible to achieve with a hand swager.

Does it work with all of the fittings ?
It will only work with fittings that can be used in conjunction with a ferrule and thimble. The hand swager will crush the ferrule, which allows for the wire cable to be securely held in place.

Please note, that this tool also has a built in cutter, so you do not need to purchase a separate tool to cut the wire.

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