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Skirt for 155sq Stair Posts (Pine)
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Skirt for 155sq Stair Posts (Pine)

Increase the size of the base of your 155sq stair post to 187sq by using these four 16mm thick panels of pine. They come pre-mitred so that they can be quickly fixed in place.
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SKU: JN228R Material:  Pine
We are located in Adelaide. Our only retail outlet is in Adelaide.


Where would you normally use it ?
Around the bottom a 155 x 155mm stair post.

What is it made out of ?
Plantation grown Radiata Pine.

What are the important dimensions ? 
Each skirt is made up of four 16mm thick panels of height 570mm. The width of each panel is 188mm. 
The outside edges of each panel has a unique mitre-lock joint that allows for easy assembly.
A small moulding is supplied that can be mitre cut and wrapped around the post to finish the top of the skirt off.

How should you finish it ?
If looking for a natural finish, then a clear lacquer will be fine; or you can use a stain to achieve your desired colour then use a clear lacquer to finish it off.
If wanting to paint, a water based primer/undercoat is not a necessity (although it wouldn’t hurt), but at least 2 coats of the final colour is a must.
Speak to your local paint retailer for more info.