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Double Ended Screw
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Double Ended Screw

Use this double ended galvanised lag screw to fix a fence post capital to a fence post.
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SKU: IF034X Material:  Zinc Plated Steel
We are located in Adelaide. Our only retail outlet is in Adelaide.


Where would you normally use double ended dowel screw ?
To fix a fence post capital (except the pyramid style caps such as AC029R) to the top of a post.

What is it made out of ?
Zinc plated steel (suitable for outside use).

What are the important dimensions ?
Overall : 100mm Height x 8mm Diameter.

How do you use it ?
Drill a 7mm hole in the top of your post, then use vice grips to screw it into the post.
Screw the post capital onto the post (use some Titebond Construction Adhesive to help it stay in place).