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Timber Treatment Wood Preservative - 2 litre Can
Timber Treatment Wood Preservative - 2 litre Can_1

Timber Treatment Wood Preservative - 2 litre Can

Stop timber from rotting by applying this timber treatment wood preservative. Apply with a paint brush to surfaces that need to be treated.
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SKU: IF116X Material:  Wood Preservative
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When do I need to use timber treatment (or wood preservative)?
To treat above ground timber structures such as the above ground section of fencing, pergola timbers and furniture used outside in weather exposed situations.
Also, it can be used on any of the items in our Treated Timber Products range, where you have needed to cut the product which then exposes new timber.

What does it protect against ?
Insect borers, termites and fungal decay.

How much do I need ?
1 litre should cover approximately 4 to 8 square metres of timber.

If you need to learn more about this product, then please click here to download the Material Data Safety Sheet