• Turned Roof Finials 1000x68sq [Treated Pine]

    Turned Roof Finials 1000x68sq
    Turned Roof Finials 1000x68sqTurned Roof Finials 1000x68sqTurned Roof Finials 1000x68sq
    AG001R Material:  Treated Pine

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    Where would you normally use a treated timber roof finial (or gable spire) ?
    As a decorative feature attached to the gable of a house or carport.

    What is it made out of ?
    Plantation grown Radiata Pine that has been H3 treated (suitable for above ground use).

    What are the important dimensions ?
    Overall : 1000mm Height x 68mm Width x 68mm Depth
    Length of square section : 400mm

    How should you finish it ?
    A water based primer/undercoat is not a necessity (although it wouldn't hurt), but at least 2 coats of the final colour is a must.
    Leaving it unfinished, oiling it or using a clear lacquer is not recommended.
    Speak to your local paint retailer for more info.

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