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Castor - Brass
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Castor - Brass

The brass finished castor can be fitted to the bottom of our furniture legs to enable your piece of furniture to be easily moved.
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SKU: IF153XGP Material:  Solid Brass
We are located in Adelaide. Our only retail outlet is in Adelaide.


Where would you normally use castor ?
On the bottom of a lounge or chest leg.
Please make sure that the timber leg you are going to use it on has a base diameter that is greater than 33mm, as this is the diameter of the fixing plate that the castor comes supplied with (which can't be removed).
For most of the legs that we produce, this is not an issue; but all of the Slim-Line legs are too small to work with the castor.

What is it made out of ?
Solid Brass.

What are the important dimensions ?
Overall : 45mm Height (not including fixing screw) x 33mm Diameter
Fixing screw : 35mm Height x 6mm Diameter

What do I get supplied when I order 1 ?
The castor with large screw (obviously), 3 small fixing screws, a black nylon "non scuff" wheel protector and a Square plate that can be used as a feature on the bottom a square shaped legs.

How do I fix the castor to the bottom of a timber leg ?
The first step is to drill a 5mm diameter hole to a depth of 40mm, then use a screw driver to slowly fasten the screw into the leg. It is important that you do it slowly so as to NOT crack the timber.
Once you have screw it all the way in, fix the castor in place by inserting the small screws provided.