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Is your outdoor area ready for summer?

The arrival of warm weather makes any Australian want to spend more time outside and by the pool. Before you hit the deck this summer season, ensure you take the time to check for safety hazards and give your outdoor areas a little TLC. Here’s what you need to know to get BBQ season ready:

Half Dowel in the Qantas Lounge

Not only is our service first class, but now we can proudly say that our products are too! If you’ve ever visited the Qantas lounge in Brisbane airport, you may have seen some of our 43mm half dowel being used as part of a feature wall.  

Cabriole and Queen Anne Legs

While our cabriole legs have always been a hit amongst our customers, I don’t think we’ve ever seen a customer quite as satisfied with the finished product as this. This very adorable, spoiled pooch is the perfect spokesperson for our cabriole legs, and his owners can attest to just how easy they were to install. 

Ezirail 50ø Handrail

We absolutely love it when customers send us photos of their finished projects.  

Large Newel Posts

Newel posts, like the ones pictured above, are used to structurally support the end of a balustrade on a staircase. We stock a variety of posts in different styles and sizes online and in store to suit most staircases. But what if your staircase isn’t like most staircases? What if you’re building a grand staircase?

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