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Galvanized fittings for handrails

We’ve talked quite a bit about creative uses for Galvanized fittings in the past, but we’ve yet to show you how they’re used by the majority of our customers. Given that we sell so many stair and handrail parts, it probably comes as no surprise that these fittings are often used for similar purposes. 

New Weinig Machine!

Those of you interested in woodworking may be interested in meeting the newest member of our family- the Weinig Cube! As the name may suggest, the Cube is a German made machine, which we purchased after a visit to a trade show in Europe. 

DIY Wire Balustrade

Whether you’re building a new deck from scratch, or updating existing balustrade, there’s never been a better time to get outdoors and try your hand at balustrading yourself! With so many different systems available, there’s no shortage of choice, and you’re almost guaranteed to find one to suit your specific needs. Stainless steel wire systems can be used outdoors on decks, or even indoors on staircases as a fall barrier. 

Table Legs for Woodstock Winery

Woodstock Winery are a family owned, South Australian business much like our own; located just outside of Adelaide in McLaren Vale. More than 20 years ago they approached us to produce a custom stand/table leg for their winery, which we were more than happy to turn and supply for them! The pieces were so unique however, that when it came time to update and replace them, they were unable to find anything similar on the market. So, more 20 years on, they returned to us once again asking us to replicate the piece.

Is your outdoor area ready for summer?

The arrival of warm weather makes any Australian want to spend more time outside and by the pool. Before you hit the deck this summer season, ensure you take the time to check for safety hazards and give your outdoor areas a little TLC. Here’s what you need to know to get BBQ season ready:

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