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Ezirail 50ø Handrail

We absolutely love it when customers send us photos of their finished projects.  

Large Newel Posts

Newel posts, like the ones pictured above, are used to structurally support the end of a balustrade on a staircase. We stock a variety of posts in different styles and sizes online and in store to suit most staircases. But what if your staircase isn’t like most staircases? What if you’re building a grand staircase?

Ezirail Daybed

Timber dowel handrail is most commonly used on stairways and ramps, but is actually quite a versatile product. In the past, we’ve seen people using timber handrail as ballet bars in dance studios, or as a part of art projects, but we’ve never seen our handrail used quite like this before! 

Wooden Curtain Rod Rings

We’ve been manufacturing Pine curtain rings since the 1960's, with the demand for them waxing and waning as styles have come in and out of fashion, and cheaper imported alternatives have been introduced to the market. Still, our curtain rings have remained a permanent fixture in our store thanks to demand from our customers for Australian made products.  

Galvanised Pipe Fittings for Shop Displays

Interclamp fittings are most commonly used for hand railing and safety guarding, but did you know they can also be used on a variety of other projects? 

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