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The Difference Between 7x7 and 1x19 Wire Rope

The Difference Between 7x7 and 1x19 Wire Rope

We sell a lot of wire rope and fittings through our online shop; and one of the main questions we get asked is, what is the difference between 7x7 and 1x19 wire. The answer is quite simple, but is also important to know, as some fittings will only suit a certain type of wire rope.

wire-rope-configurations.jpgIn simple terms; 7x7 means 7 stands of wire twisted to form 1 strand, which is then combined with 6 more of these; 49 stands in total (ie 7x7=49). Whereras 1x19 is 19 stands of wire that are twisted to form 1 stand. A total of 19 strands in total (ie. 1x19=19). Despite the fact that the 7x7 has more than double the number of strands, the end product is still the same overall thickness.

As 7x7 is made up of thinner strands it is more flexible than the 1x19. This is important if you are using a hand swager combined with a ferrule and thimble, as the 1x19 will not be able to bend around the thimble without kinking. The 7x7 on the other hand is flexible enough to do the job properly.

If using a hydraulic swager with the hydraulically swaged fittings, then either the 7x7 or 1x19 can be used; but most customers tend to use the 1x19, as despite it being fractionally more expensive, it does tend to look and fell nicer than the 7x7.

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